Conor & The Wild Hunt is an Folk Pop / Americana band intent on inspiring positive change in a troubled world. With artful and driving instrumentation, blooming three part harmonies, and a compelling stage presence, Conor Brendan, Chris Elvidge, and Lena Traynham animate soulful originals with modern takes on Americana traditions.


Jeremy Asay (Ezra Bell)

"Conor and the Wild Hunt have beautifully arranged songs with a big sound (a great feat for a trio). Their songs ebb and flow; ebbing from emotional tranquility and flowing into anthemic sing-a-longs."


Drew McManus (Satsang)                                                                           

"Like if Postal Service had a baby with The Head and the Heart, and somehow one of them had slept with Crosby, Stills, and Nash, but Stills was a female and liked modern pop music, and Bruce Hornsby helped them arrange shit." 

Ken Roseman (Music Journalist at "Sing Out!")                               

"...Energetic folk-ish pop-rock with strong main melodies and catchy choruses. Great lead and harmony vocals; passionate lyrics about personal and societal matters. I guarantee we will be hearing more from this crew." 

Normand Parenteau (Manager of Old Crow Medicine Show)                 

"I listened to Conor's CD and was very impressed with his songwriting and vocals. His version of "Wagon Wheel" has grown on me. It might be a hit record."

Will Ackerman (Founder of Windham Hill Records)                               

“With great embarrassment and with equal joy I wanted to say that found a CD hiding beneath geological layers of stuff on my desk… Track 5 [Garden State] has now played 30 times… the instrumental chorus to set up the vocal again is just insanely brilliant… To think that Conor wrote GARDEN STATE when he was 16 is just terrifying… The lyrics of the song are so brilliant, personal, unique… the local voices, the makeshift bed… I'm off to Glacier Ntl. Park for some climbing and hiking and Conor's will be one of the 3 CDs I plan to bring along.”

Professor Steven McAlpine (Interdisciplinary Studies at UMBC)           

"...As Conor's song "Creation of the Universe" illuminates, stories begin in wonder. We behold something incredibly powerful and awe inspiring - lightning splitting the air near to us, or a shooting star lighting up the night sky - and suddenly our lives are filled with delicious mystery, latent power, and beauty. [Creation of the Universe] captures these emotions so beautifully... sparkling harmonies and melodies, instrumentation and archetypal lyrics."

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